Miss Carousel

Howdy! My name is Haley and I reside in the Great State of Texas. I am an eclectic gal full of many interests and obsessions. I enjoy those old classic country tunes and underground country singer-songwriters. I could jazz it up at the Cocoanut Grove, tap my boots at the Grand Ole Opry, and waltz at the court of Versailles. I keenly keep up with politics and am thoroughly liberal. I am a history fanatic! If you think film history is just the beginning you’re in for a handful!


Miss Carousel

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Happy 13th Birthday, West Wing

It’s a benevolent madhouse. As soon as the director yells ‘Cut,’ Martin Sheen and John Spencer are trading old New York theater war stories, Allison Janney is pretending to talk to someone on a prop phone, Dulé Hill is tap-dancing with jaw-dropping skill, Richard Schiff is tossing Hershey’s Kisses into a coffee mug from across the room, and Bradley Whitford, that avid yoga show-off, has his foot atop a bookcase…


The West Wing cast, 1999-2006 

"We all came together at a time and in a place with a conception that all of us knew at the time was quite phenomenal." - Martin Sheen